L-Valine Powder - Free Shipping

L-Valine Powder - Free Shipping
Valine is an essential amino acid, t cannot be manufactured in the body and must be obtained through dietary sources.hence it must be ingested, Human Valinedietary sources are any proteinaceous foods such as meats, dairy products, soy products, beans, legumes ad leafy vegetables. As a component of proteins. It is synthesized in plants via several steps starting from pyruvic acid. The initial part of the pathway also leads to leucine.
L-Valine is one of 20 proteinogenic amino acids. Its codons are GUU, GUC, GUA, and GUG. This essential amino acid is classified as nonpolar.
L-Valine is one of the three Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs), the other two being L-leucine and L-isoleucine. It is named after the plant valerian. In sickle-cell disease, valine substitutes for the hydrophilic amino acid glutamic acid in hemoglobin. Because valine is hydrophobic, the hemoglobin is prone to abnormal aggregation.
Valine is used in combination with isoleucine and leucine to promote normal muscle growth, repair tissues, regulate blood sugar, and provide the body with energy. Valine helps stimulate the central nervous system, and is needed for proper mental functioning.
Valine helps prevent the breakdown of muscle by supplying the muscles with extra glucose for energy production during intense physical activity. Valine also helps remove potentially toxic excess nitrogen from the liver, and is able to transport nitrogen to other tissues in the body as needed.
Valine is recommended to be taken together with the other two branched-chain amino acids, isoleucine and leucine. The ideal balance is 2:1:1 or 2 part leucine , 1 part Isoleucine and 1 part Valine.
Too much valine in the diet can also disrupt liver and kidney function and increase the amount of ammonia in the body. People with impaired liver or kidney function should not take isoleucine without first consulting a physician, as large doses of amino acids may aggravate these conditions.