About Us

Lifeline Nutrients Corp operates under the umbrella of the parent company "Global Marketing Inc." which has been in food wholesale/distribution business for more than 32 years.

Lifeline Nutrients concentrates on Nutritional Products.

Our facility occupies 23,000 sq ft (around 2100m²)

We also operate “Pronto Foods Co” which sells industrial food ingredients.

We packed in a facility that was purpose-built for USDA food production (we have ceased meat production and switch to FDA products or non-meat)


Warehouse Location (open only to wholesale trade)

1801 S Canal St, Chicago, IL 60616 (southeast corner of 18th St and Canal St)


Tel 312.733.0000      630.473.9007

Email:  lifelinenutrients@hotmail.com


What we do and don’t do

  • We do not hype products. We don’t make benefit claims that are scientifically unsubstantiated. The internet is fraught with sellers making dubious claims of health and weight loss benefits that have no peer-reviewed clinical studies to justify such claims.
  • We don’t mislabel packages. Numerous company deceptively claim exaggerated weight in front of the label. For example, stating 1000mg but in fact one has to take 2 or more capsules to get 1000mg.

We state the actual net weight of EACH capsule in the main panel of the label.

  • Unless stated, All our product are 100% of the product name, No added fillers, sweeteners, flavoring (if the product is a mixture of ingredients, all ingredients will be disclosed).